Friday, May 6, 2011

אני יכול לראות אותך, אבל אתה לא רואה אותי. אני יכול לגעת בך, אבל אתה לא יכול אפילו לחוש אותי. אני פשוט מחכה עד שאתה באמת תורידי את השומרים שלך. רגוע. הנשגב. מדהים. אתה לא יודע אפילו את הסכנה כי youre הפונה. אם אתה שומע אותי חולה ליהנות מנסה למצוא אותך.

! In any case you might notice dead IMG files around my webspaces and a lack of content for a while. But! I have wanted to redo my flickr account for a long time, I was just putting it off because there was so much.. but I finally deleted all 3,000+ of my image files and reuploaded about 250 images that I retouched. I have a way I like to edit, it is my favorite way to photo process but it took me a long time to get comfortable with because it makes my photos look hazey and different from most other photos and it made me feel self conscious, but I have started to really enjoy it because it makes me feel like my images have their own attitude.. so I redid my entire flickr with it. It was a big step! And a huge cleanse. God, I had so many of the same photo!

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