Tuesday, May 17, 2011

current inspirations prt2

My biggest inspiration overall, fashion wise, in angela from the office - for the most part we only ever see her top half but her tops are always amazing secretary tie tops, tuxedo tops or gunne sax tops - even when she just wears turtlenecks with a cardigan, which is pretty common for her, her collars are always nice.

My other inspiration is nancy's hair in sid and nancy, probably my favorite movie & now that it is on netflix I find myself watching it once a week & I always pause it and just marvel at her bleached hair and curls.

Indian tapestry purses & just tapesty bags in general. Primark has a really pretty holiday bag that is floral tapestry and huge, I'd like to get it when I have more money.

Fox tails. I first saw these being used by morigirls, which I also love, but have been seeing alot of boho/gypsy fashionistas using them as keychains on big saggy bags with small dreamcatchers.

silver tibet cuffs. I actually bought both of these for 8 dollars shipped from china; if you look on ebay you can find tons of them for buyitnow under a dollar. The shipping is usually 5-10 dollars, you just have to look for the store with the cheapest shipping that also combines, alot of them make their money by not combining shipping so you spend two dollars on two cuffs and dont realize until checkout that the shipping is going to 25+

Layered capes/shawls with wide kimono sleeves. These are more lookbook pics from Lindsey Thornburg. I am not too big on metallicas/prints so I bought about 10 pounds of hemp and neutral white/beige fabrics and Im going to try to make a ton of these with different hoods, dramatic sleeves & fraying ties.

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