Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a skirt, a squash

Today was a fairly busy day! First I had to touch up my hair (growth) this morning & I retoned my entire head with wella's silver lady - usually I use white lady but yesterday at sallys I felt like trying grey. It came out very nice on the top and very silver but the rest is still yellow, I dont think blue toners do nearly as much for the yellow parts of my hair as purple toners do so I will probably stay with white lady from now on (although I do enjoy the top of my head looking like sephiroth (did I just do that, did I just go old school on you?!)

I had some exams for the semester today which were harrowing and full of horror like suspense, and then came home to find a most welcome package! I got to wear a most amazing full circle skirt by one of my favorite seamstresses (her etsy) - I promise you I just stalk her shop and blog and wait for her to post new things so I can admire them! This skirt in particular is a dream, she finishes all of her seams/surges them and the button is a little lucite flower :) and it is so full! I felt like a hello kitty add walking around in this skirt, it felt like I had a huge petticoat on but of course I didnt, the material was just stiff enough to hold the fullness! brilliant!

daily outfits


daily outfits

But yes! she really does a littlebit of everything so if you want to find cute shorts, skirts, dresses or collars go check her etsy out! (the two photos below are available!) Loveeee those shorts.

Also worked a bit more on my glosses, I am using tubes as I test them because its easier to smear on things and test colors/texture. My purple is a bit too brown :/ But I think my black is a really good grey black?



& my little garden is coming along swimmingly :)



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  1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely review! :) The skirt suits you perfectly and looks really lovely! I got the dress as well and it's soooo nice, just right, I will wear it lots! Thank you :):):)