Thursday, June 30, 2011

blue man group

I decided to do a turquoise streak in my hair, I did it under the bottom layer so I can flip it around for photos and outfits in updos but hide it at work in a bun. There is this deep marble garden bathtub & I have always wanted to take milky/foggy water photos - I try to edit them to a point that they arent R-rated but who knows - doing it is actually so much harder than I thought because there is this constant fear I will get my thirty dollar remote or my fifteen-hundred dollar camera wet :3 and I dont have an autofocus so everything is 100x harder.




I thrifted this great miniskirt in blue velvet c/o guess last week. I feel a little weird showing off so much leg because I hate my thighs /girlcry, but what are ya gonna do?

daily outfits

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