Sunday, July 31, 2011

hair post

This is a post about what products I use on my hair, I get asked alot. My hair is really, really coarse and really, really thick and black. So it is really, really hard to get it light and by luck I fell over the absolute best bleach (well, best in that it works well but it is absolutely the most damaging bleach I have ever used, too).

נכון סיוטים

I use roux white bleach, you can see on the root detail that if I bleach it once it is still yellow even with the Roux white. What I do is bleach out my roots and then the next month put the bleach over my roots and over the previous months bleaching, which gives the previous months bleaching a second bleaching and gets it pretty pale IE it takes two applications of the bleach to get my black hair to a light yellowish white.

If you use Roux white NEVER EVER double bleach in less than a month and NEVER EVER use more than 20volume developer - Roux is REALLY strong and anytime I've overlapped it on hair that has been bleached more than once it breaks my hair off immediatly - I have no joke just pulled out handfuls of hair after I tried to do a full head coating a few months ago so you really only want to use this on fresh, undamaged growth.





I tone it once a month as well, the day after I bleach it, with 20volume developer and T18 white lady (a purple toner) and sometimes silver lady (a blue toner) when I want grey hair.

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  1. You look good in blonde! :)
    I wish I did as well, I think blonde hair is so beautiful :3