Thursday, July 14, 2011

I have been saving all of my money for etcetc reasons but I will tell you, I am dieing for a really cute dress and for a few of the new scents over at forstrangewomen, maybe posting about them will make me think about them less!

I have otherwise been trying to collect things for a Jack Ripper cabinet (which is hard when youre not spending money) because victorian vagina speculums & pre1900 gynaecology and surgery books are not cheap! I've also been sewing but sewing whilst watching the camelot TV show tends to produce strange things that look more period costume than anything wearable, so I will sit that to the side for when my mood for photography returns.

I will rec that you watch insidious - I dont normally like paranormal films but this one had a good base storyline and explained more than your average paranormal film - still not wonderful but I have major ADD about films and always multitask during them & this one had a few scenes that actually got my full attention which is as much a gold rating as a movie can get from me, hah. Mostly I like astral projection & you dont see it touched upon in film very often!


  1. Ahhh Camelot <3 and Yay you are creating

  2. You're always such a busy bee! It keeps me so inspired. : )

    Can't wait to see your next wunderkammers.