Monday, July 18, 2011

I wanted to write a bit about harry potter, it is always kind of surreal when something you love ends and you tell yourself you wont move on from it but I think you forget the deep loves of your life after their time has ended, eventually, or their lustre fades - it happens with all great things I've adored, LOTR and Star Wars alike and trust me, there was a time when I would have told you that Obi Wan Kenobi would always be an an integral part of my existance, but I dont think about him that often anymore. So it goes!

I didn't get to grow up with Harry Potter & I actually got into it late, right when the fourth film was being released in theaters so I decided before I saw it I would rent films 1-3 and catchup - from there I loved in immensly. As of late I have loved it less, and I thought maybe I was just growing older and my ability to be moved by fandoms had waned, but after watching the final film in theaters I decided to go back and rewatch the entire series and I have got to say, having finished films 1-4 only yesterday I am being reminded of the reasons I loved this series. The final films, I believe, had to get to the point of the series and in the translation alot of the small things were lost. Maybe the first few films are just heartwarming and by GOF your heart begins to get torn out a bit, more and more.

Even being an adult this series has given alot of things to me, I can't go to a gas station at night and look up at the fluorescent bright lights without thinking about a patronus. I can't think of best friends without thinking of remus and sirius and james with their arms thrown round' each other. I like to think of memories as something you keep stored away and safe, waiting to be relived in a pensive. Of bogarts in the closet & of two-way mirrors and the great hall feasts with beautiful canopies of candles or galaxies or snow. I think of a series coming to it's close and of characters you loved dieing and others living on, just like real life, and of sirius touching harry's chest and telling him the ones we love never really leave us.

Thankyou, harry potter <3

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