Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That time of the blogging again where I post photos of everything I have saved in my toolbars that I would buy if I wasn't broke.

Absinthe honey which sounds so divine. A time turner from the Harry Potter shop in florida - I like it because it lacks the writing of the Noble Collection time turner & looks very elegant in it's simplicity. Witch Hunter Robin! I am currently watching this because Katja commented about it to me & I love her long black dresses with high collars, her overdress corsets, her long coats & her hairstyle - I want to copy her totally this winter!! All winter I just want long dark dresses and long coats and fitted corsets mixed with some Severus Snape influence :)! Beautiful expecto patronum necklaces! I would also love to have a lament configuration schematic poster or print, but alas, I can't find one. And of course I am dieing to try out the unisex cologne that Forstrangewomen has recently added to their shop! Also wanting a million shades of purple lipgloss and lipstick. I normally hate totebags but I fell in love with this keep calm and expecto patronum bag and wish I could have it when I start classes again in two weeks! Snape coats, Snape coats, snape coats by Gert (I have one but I am dieing to have his outer cloak, now!) I am always seeing my flickr friend have the most lovely geode necklaces and I want badly to buy one that is silver plated!

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