Friday, September 23, 2011

dress/modcloth - sweater/old navy - shoes/chloe sevigny for opening ceremony - bag/BMakowski

These shoes are pretty much the most fantastic thing that exists on the planet but I only wore them to a job interview & to get diet drinks (diet rootbeer!!) and run by the post office & grab a few teacups for candles from the thriftstore - maybe two hours worth of relaxed errands? And I have a huge open wound on one of my toes, guh, gross :S And they are really hard to walk in, I almost fell (GRACEFULLY) several times. Hah (not really that gracefully but lets pretend) One day I am going to break my ankle in a fabulous display in one of these obnoxiously high shoes.

I purchased all natural soy wax & wooden wicks for candlemaking next week - soy wax costs a bit more but it is always preferable to support our american agriculture, given the chance! And soy wax is really so luscious and there is something really nice about burning a candle that doesn't have any petroleum biproduct (think: all that black soot most candles give off).

In any case I picked up teacups to use as candleholders & there was the most lovely old woman looking alongside me at the teacups in the thrift store. If you've ever been down the dish aisle of a secondhand store you know it is kind of a jumble & I was looking for sets & had a few in hand & from down the aisle, because I suppose she noticed the sets I had, she held up two taped sets for me and asked if I like them and brought them over :) I thought it was just the most lovely thing to have a stranger do! It is funny how one nice act from a stranger can change your entire day (because the rest of my day was going rather rubbish). I came home and hummed whilst washing them all out & I've been listening to the sweeny todd soundtrack and feeling quite pleased.

Jonathan Safran Foer is quickly becoming my favorite author.

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  1. Those shoes are so pretty.

    & completely unrelated, I had a dream about you, you were singing, and then you lit yourself on fire in your red cape.