Monday, February 13, 2012


This was my first monthly box from blissmo and I was really pleased with it. Blissmo, if you aren't aware, is another all green, all fair trade monthly sub program - similiar to eco-emi. The first thing that attracted me to blissmo was how many fullsize products came in the boxes, the second was that every month you can choose from three boxes (of which I assume one is beauty and skincare, one is food and snacks, one is housecleaners and misc home). Blissmo is slightly more expensive than other boxes - the most expensive I've come across, actually, at twenty dollars a box - but again, if you're getting this many fullsize products it is worth it.

You can see every single thing in my box was fullsize. As you know I am not big on lipcare products / lipbalms, but atleast there was a tint, and in a color I'd like to try because you'd never see me buying an orange lipbalm but hey, this might be a fun color and now I'll find out ;)

Aura Cacia Body Polish in lavender. out of Africa shea butter unscented, two yes to carrots lipbalm and liptint, true body unscented soap.

The body polish retails for 11.99, the body butter for 8.99, the lip balms and tints range from 4-5 dollars and the soap is probably a few dollars. So I would certainly say this was worth my first month discount of 11 dollars! I had intended to cancel after my first discounted box but I was so happy with these products, all of which I will use and would have been a good deal even at full price, I am going to see what next month brings :) Fingers crossed no more lip balms, as eco emi is addicted to lipbalms and I dont need two boxes drowning me with them :X <3


  1. looks great! what was the theme for this box?

  2. there wasnt one, i picked out 'bath and body bliss' but they emailed to say it was sold out and had three options and i told them im on a diet and dont have my own place so cleaning boxes and food boxes are useless to me, and that their bath box for the month (winter skin defense) was 80% stuff I already own, so the guy was nice and said he'd just custom make a box by grabbing random things, it was really nice of him and I had never tried any of these brands so it was all aces.