Thursday, February 2, 2012

eco emi & outfit

Outfit post :) Sheer top thrifted, ASOS ponti skirt, Steve Madden suade wedge.

I was really disappointed by the ASOS skirt, I always order size4 in their skirts and this order was far too big ; the pricetag was close to sixty dollars so I took it for granted, without checking, that the material would be thick and stiff, because in the runway photos it looked very stiff and full of body but, infact, it is a really floppy cotton. Not terrible, but I could have bought a floppy cotton skirt from the thriftstore if that is what I wanted - and being too big means it just hangs strange and the belt has to be overtightened to keep it up which, with thick floppy cotton bunches and just, ergei. Next time I should read the fabric notes :P

daily outfits

daily outfits

daily outfits

daily outfits

daily outfits

I got an eco-emi bonus box in the mail today ; if you aren't familiar, eco-emi is a monthly sub box, similiar to birchbox. For fifteen dollars a month you are sent 100% organic, fair trade products to try that range from foods, cleaners/bath/beauty/candles/teas/anything. I have a febuary box coming to me this month, but this bonus box is something they do every few months with their surplus of samples that are left over, opening up a page and letting people buy until they run out - it seems they sell out fast and i only got one because I saw the facebook update immediatly, i think they sold out in a hour/half.

Things I didn't like: I tend to enjoy samples that are not one-use, but travelsize, because I dont think you can really grasp a product in one use. I would prefer to get four or five travel sizes than a dozen one-time use products. Such is life, though. Also, lipgoss is worthless to me, I abhor it, and I see it in ever box - it appears to be the go-to beauty product for eco-emi. I know boxes can't be customized and I even understand why, but I wish you could physically opt-out of certain products and have them replaced with other things because I would opt-out of brooke cosmetics and lipgloss in general.

Also the organic mints were in the flavour 'cinnamon' and had little black cinnamon plant bits which is a terrible fucking idea because you get black wedges in your teeth from them, or run the risk of it. I had two of them and kept picking cinnamon plant parts off my tongue and felt really grossed out having to put my fingers in my mouth because of organic mints.

My favorite item was probably the black olive seasalt, which is a shame because I dont take baths so I dont know what I can do with it but it smells so good. (can you pestle-crush bath salts and make scrubs out of them?) I am obsessed with this scent (there are little bits of dried black olives in it!!)

Second favorite is the tealight sample of the purelightspa candle! SMELLS SO GOOD. First free thirty dollars I have is going to one of those babies!

:X I was very excited to try the rosehip black mask, which I did before I went out, and it was just terrible (sadly). It said 'tingling' was normal but it burned immediatly, and after five minutes I washed it off because I was half-afraid I was having a reaction because my skin was just hurting. Afterwards my face was very dry, and 'pulled' to the touch even as I was drying off, and it hurt when I put makeup on afterwards. Burned. It still burns, some. Perhaps I am spoiled by Pangea, now, and masks that flush your face and buff it without feeling like a chemical peel despite organic ingrediants. MY FACE BURNS AS I WRITE THIS. Just, so terrible. Ug.

I also tried Gabriel's organic seaweed bodywash. It smelled alot like other body seaweed products, a good, salty clean smell that I love - seaweed is probably my favorite organic ingrediant, and has over 60 trace elements that are all good for the skin. The next beauty purchase I make will be Gabriel's seaweed exfoliator and, possibly, their seaweed mask (though I am really partial to Pangea's tea mask).

So it served it's purpose, I know there are things I want to stay clear away from (organic mints and rosehip masks) and there are things I will be wasting my entire next paycheque on, like purelightspa candles and seaweed exfoliators. And there is still so much to try! :) Will let you know ;)

I wonder if anyone actually uses the coconut oil on their body as it suggests.. The purelightspa candles are made with coconut oil and it just smells so good and feels so nice to the touch (yes, I rub candles..)


  1. I saw a tutorial somewhere on Pinterest about making $50 worth of soap with, like $5. You get a bar of soap, grind the whole bar with a cheese grater, add glycerin, boil, etc., etc. and it makes SO much soap. Point of the matter being: I wonder if you could incorporate the salt into this type of method and make body wash so you don't have to take baths but you can still enjoy the scent? /random thinking

  2. Yeah, there are people who use coconut oil as a moisturizer/whatever. And as a lube. :B Apparently it makes your skin super soft or some such?

    And I've been looking for nice black wedges for like thirty minutes now thanks to this post.