Friday, February 3, 2012

Outfit ; shopping



What I wore to have my taxes done! (I tried doing them myself online and the IRS rejected them and said they were wrong so, off to H&R I went!) Also had to go to the DMV and have my license renewed because it was expired and only the threat of not getting a tax return could make me brave the DMV :P

Peacoat c/o ASOS. Skirt c/o ASOS. Shirt c/o etsy. Shoes c/o steve madden. Hat handmade. Bag c/o etsy.

Love this coat!! The bag is a travel bag, obviously, and it never gets old having every person close enough to ask me a question ask where I am going (haw), but I love huge bags and this is perfect for my classbooks and camera and tripod and also a house.





The local saigon market closed, but reopened, with a deli! This is really exciting to me. Asian markets are filled with really cheap, good food but everytime I go into one I spend so much because there are so many things I have never tried. This time I mostly bought noodles for all of my vegetables bags I have been living on, I bought so many but only took a photo of a few for ~aesthetic~ purposes - udon will always be my favorite, followed by cold soba in memory of saito hajime, then rice sticks but they get so cold and sticky, so fast ): I tend to like noodles with no sauce so when I make ricestick I am always tempted to plop it into my mouth right out of the boiling water, when it is soft and delicate and BURNING MY MOUTH.

I bought jasmine tea and banana tea, but for lunch had peach oolong and listened to my peking record and read farewell my concubine, which has always been one of my favorite foreign films.








Also a few :items I use every day: I am not an overly fastidious product person - I buy alot of things but end up forgetting about them or just being lazy. But I use these every single day.


it's a 10 miracle hair mask Pangea Organics eyecream Philosophy red velvet cake body wash Philosophy hope moisturizer crest white strips

Hope: I use this twice a day and love it, when I remember to use it properly I never have dry skin - I've seen so many reviews that say it smells bad but I think those people must not be familiar with facial products that aren't overly-perfumed ; to me it smells like noxzema or cold cream and it is a smell that makes me think of my mother and watching her get ready for bed at night, so it isn't a smell I abhor or feel put-off by.

Red velvet cake: I use this in my second shower for the day, right before bed, because it smells so good; I have alot of bodywashes I mix up the use-of in my morning showers, I actually even have five other philosophy washes lined up on the top of my shower door, but red velvet cake is the one I use everynight before bed, two bottles in and I am still not sick of the smell. The lather is really thick, and it leave the skin so soft.

White strips: crest is probably my favorite strip brand & I use them every single day because I drink so much coffee and tea, I kind of have to ;) I have my teeth proferssionally whitened once every six months, and I do reccomend you do that if you want visible results, but the strips are really good for touch up stain removing and just preventing any color casting over already whitened teeth.

Pangea eye cream: I have been using this for a few weeks via samples (I only just bought a fullsize a few posts ago) and it is hands-down my favorite facial product; I am anemic and have the worst dark circles around my eyes but even after only a few weeks this creme seems to be lightening them, and it feels so silky on the skin and not oily, my eyes feel like cashmere (is that a dorky thing to say?) I dont have wrinkles yet so I am not sure about the aging effects, but it can't be a bad idea to start early? The smell is also really light compared to some of Pangea's other products.

It's a ten: best hairmask I've tried. I use it once a week (I would use it everyday if it wasn't so expensive).

Has anyone watched this film? I was really looking forward to it and just, WHAT? I enjoyed it so much until the last five minutes and I felt like 'this is oging to end in some amazing way' and it did not. At all.

The trailer

" I love when films, especially horror films, can pull off ambition. Something crazy and out of left field. I had an inkling YellowBrickRoad would try and blind side me with something crazy because there was so much stress put on the fact that no one knows where the trail ends. Well, yeah, it did tend to blind side me, but not in a good way. YellowBrickRoad ends in a “you’re really going to stretch that ridiculously far” kind of way. I was scratching my head while again laughing because the resolution just didn’t stick in the way I’m sure the directors wanted it to. I’m sure they wanted you to gasp at their crazy spontaneity while also thinking themselves to be genius with their ending. Instead, it just doesn’t work. At all. I would have loved to see twenty different horrible things that could have been found at the end of YellowBrickRoad, as the instituted “mind bending” does nothing of the sort."

One review that I agree with, I cant be the only person who felt this way, then.


  1. Everything you bought from the Asian market looks amazing.