Saturday, February 4, 2012

we dont speak about this in polite society

I found a box with some of my old comics, this isn't nearly all of them but I couldnt find the others. It was an incredible sense of nostalgia for what an awkward, lonely child I was, growing up, but how happy I was to be that way - only now does it seem lonely - at the time I was so content with life. I would sit in the azalea bushes my mom grew around our house, hidden away from everything, and look at comic books and play with toys (and this was leading to and still going on in middleschool). I remember making ninjaturtles jump flower to flower, watching flipper marathons on nickelodeon and salute your shorts and night court, and daydreaming about being in the spawn universe and begging my mom to take me to putt-putt golf to play in the arcade or begging her to take me to toys-R-us to buy a nintendo game (they were 70+ dollars then!!!)

I only even began listening to music of my own in seventh grade, and then it was tom petty and the platters because that is what my mom liked - the first cassette I ever got was tom petty and the heartbreakers, and richie valens greatest hits. And I would take my 8-battery powered boombox and play it in the bushes without headphones while I looked at xmen comics. By then, though, my mom could find me because of the music coming from her flowers, and she would thrust a hand in and fumble to turn it down so she could tell me dinner was ready.

Ah. I forgot all about batman vs predator. Naturally the last comics I collected were the horror films and the kiss army saga, even that was years ago, now, though. I cant remember the last time I bought a comicbook.

of course this has always been my favorite fridaythe13th image, I even have a shirt i bought with the image, still tagged because I never wanted to ruin it by wearing it.

Bought today ;)

Also found an entire chest of my old toys. I took a few to put into my small cabinet. I dont have nearly the room I wish i did for all of them. I don't know where my silverhawk figures went ): Id kill to have those again.


  1. Skyward sword is amazing. I am almost through the whole game - it is overwhelmingly awesome hahaha. I always get distracted with the little side quests, which makes the game a thousand times longer xD

  2. lovely pictures as always.
    I have a versatile award for you

  3. I'm so jealous of this comic collection! :)