Friday, April 20, 2012

haha, the bad thing about a new camera is that you are more clear in your photos, always a terrifying prospect :p I could probably stand to lose five pounds in the torso area but I keep telling myself I can do situps ANYTIME I WANT. Which results in self satisfaction and looking at tumblr in a vegetable state for hours+. Note to self.

Top c/o free people. Pants c/o ASOS. Velvet creepers c/o ASOS. Bag c/o Steve Madden.

daily outfits daily outfits daily outfits daily outfits daily outfits daily outfits daily outfits The story behind this is that the windows phone will sync to your car and you can write text messages to people via voice. LOL. It didn't get one word right in this message and it sounds like a serial killer's threat.

daily outfits Dreamy things like parfumes, undergarments and my new spring wardrobe: by contrast I like very pale lingerie and very dark clothes in cool weather, I'm particularly taken with my wet look black and silver jeans (though the silver have an unfortunate fit in the hips, like skinny jeans for moms, but it is hard to find silver pants that will fit you perfectly. New itouch for aps, I particularly like words with friends & word scramble (if you play on an apple device my username is starhearted). I got the most adorable hello kitty case and have been adding strange and conflicting tones for everything in a medley of star trek TNG theme, cradle of filth songs, and the japanese sailor moon theme.

The only three things I am missing for summer are a sid+nancy shirt, a cure shirt, and an orgy shirt because when it is hot I unfathomably enjoy pants and sleeveless torso tops and when it is cold I enjoy skirts and dresses with tights.

unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted I have two new items in the shop. handmade handmade handmade unsorted handmade handmade


  1. Wow that final dress is stunning!

  2. Your outfit is so ace. Is it okay to share the name of the Steve Madden bag? Good going on the discount. :)

  3. those velvet creepers are amazing. i love how different the colour looks in each picture. i'm thinking of buying a pair of creepers this summer, but they're so damn many good ones that i don't know if i'll be able to choose.