Thursday, April 26, 2012


Firstly (firstly?) These are three products I am in love with right now! I found the body items by chance, in all places, at walmart (say what you want but walmart has a pretty extensive organic skincare selection, from yestocarots, burtsbees, alba and a few other brands I havent tried to, apparently, this little gem, treehut). I had never heard of treehut before or seen them on organic skincare sites like vitacost & their prices are mid range, probably seven dollars an item. I opened the sugarscrub to smell it and I was sold, THE SMELL IS SO AMAZING (if you like clean tropical smells). Also I should note I have tried four organic sugarscrubs at this point and this is by far the best - all of the others I have tried, because they were organic, were comprised of too much essential oil or honey and were, as a results, too greasy or sticky. This scrub has so many granules and is so rough and rinses away without leaving you oily at all. Likewise the sheabutter lotion is really thick, like a hair mask, and does it's job wonderfully. THE SMELL!!

Also these candles! They are out of season ATM, the christmastime glade candles in spruce. Wow. Wow. Wow. My whole room smells like a spruce forest (not to be confused with that sick smell of pinecone carfreshners) and it is wonderful. unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted daily outfits unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted misc unsorted misc

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  1. wtf dude. I am in love with that tulle and lace skirt and the lace heart tank. WHERE ARE THEY FROOOM. (Well, I figure the skirt you made, but what about the tank?!)

    Did you end up putting the birds out of their misery?
    And the little bear earbuds are adorable. I really want cute phone accessories for my phone but I like.. never talk on it. And I hate earbuds. And can't find any cute headphones that wouldn't sound like crap. And my phone is like... a keyboard phone so it flips open and this I cannot find any super cute cases for it. /cry