Sunday, April 15, 2012

summer shopping

I've been putting together my spring shopping list for a few weeks, now, and I think I am ready to make all of my spring purchases. Just basic pieces, all cashing in at a little over 400, which isn't terrible.

I set out tofind a nice pair of Dr. Marten creepers and a nice short-to-long black skirt (I dont love this particular skirt but it is the best I can find). Everything else I stumbled over by happy accident (the cross dress!!!!). The pants are 'wet look' skinny jeans which I really like, as I've been trying to find leather pants at a good price and have been failing. I am sre the jean material will breathe better for summer, anyway.


  1. I just ordered this skirt in green. Cant wait to get it! (
    They have a black one too.

  2. forever 21 has cheap skirts like the black one!

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