Friday, May 18, 2012

mollys lips

How fantastic are these mary janes from Demonia? Ill put up a good outfit photo next week sometime but for now, webcam joy! I think there is a sweet 4' platform on these babies. All I want to do is wear slinky, thin-strap party dresses with these and daisies in messy updoes and bright red lipstick and 90s-this thing all the way through summer. (I want a clear backpack and a tamagachi and ring pops and a cassette player to listen to incesticide on). Sorry for all of the SI, just one of those weeks, my fellows. Other than that! Things. I painted my poe with oil paints - it was my first oil experience and despite the droopy eye and general horribleness I feel okay with it. And a LokiDoki I was working on with watercolors, finished the night sky behind him first. unsorted unsorted unsorted unsorted A friend asked me for a straight on, unphotoshopped photo where my skin isnt as white as the bride of dracula, and here it was. Which is all well and fine but I prefer my blown out webcam photos where the tim burton circles under my eyes are given due respect! I dont know, i feel like faces are so borring sometimes. unsorted Collected spiders from crypts, to identify. unsorted


  1. I absolutely adore the unshopped photo of you! As well as those amazing shoes!!

  2. You're scars are so so lovely.

    1. your* >.< sorry. drinking wine.

  3. beautiful pictures, as always.