Monday, August 6, 2012

So! Lauren and I had decided to meet & go out to Griffith Observatory this past Sunday, completely unaware that it was a big, free, public event. The observatory hosted, on the Nimoy theater, a live stream from NASA of the curiosity rover landing on mars at 10:31, so she, Ryan and I got to watch.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Curiosity rover landed safely on Mars, after a 352 million-mile journey and harrowing plunge through the planet’s atmosphere dubbed “7 Minutes of Terror.” The vehicle, loaded with the most-sophisticated instruments ever used off Earth, touched down at 1:32 a.m. New York time. Scientists developed the $2.5 billion mission to help determine whether Mars has an environment that can support life.

I think, more humbling than the event itself, as a human, is to be packed into a room with other humans, all interested and anxious about the same bigger-than-ourselves event. Watching the NASA team laugh and high five and cry together on the projection screen was beautiful, the entire room erupting into clapping and cheers when the rover landed safely was beautiful. The walk back to the car, in the dark against the mountains with coyotes howling beyond the fenced off wild below the observatory was beautiful.

I want to return to the observatory later ; there were so many people for the event that I didnt get many photos and I didnt get to actually see as much as I wanted to see, I couldnt even appreciate Galileo's telescope (it was there!!) or sit next to the bronzecast Einstein. We did get to see a Tesla Coil demonstration! And they have a hallway that is nothing but glassed-in jewelry that is stars or planets or the moon, all arranged together in waves on foam - so fucking beautiful but, again, I had my 50MM lens which didnt do well on any larger scenes or scapes, all of these are moderatly zoomed in.

Lauren was great, too, I'm so happy I am getting to meet such cool, friendly girls here in California! Im looking forward to our next adventure :D

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(detail on the main entrance rotundra and roof, amazing, like a chapel of science. When I have a lens that zooms out this will be done so much more justice). There is also a huge statue just outside of the observatory with the great men of science in a circle, like a stone knights of the round table with Kepler and Copernicus that I want a photo of - that i want to live next to, really.

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(this was my favorite wall and room, when there isnt a huge event going on i plan to go back and do something wonderfully artsy with this backdrop)

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(how perfect is her star and moon ring for this sdklfjsl)

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And I cant forget our sunday started off with J finding a free air hockey table on the side of the road! I love this group so much, Ry anxiously standing and sitting for the rover landing like a little boy with rockets in his pockets, J seeing an air hockey table and sprinting out of the car and running it down the road, home.

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  1. Seems like an amazing place to visit! Wish they had more like it here in Sweden :)

  2. I wanted to go to that last night but ended up watching at home! Ahh you're in my city.