Monday, September 17, 2012

Coffee shops have begun putting out their pumpkin spice coffees, stores have their halloween aisles assembled and on display, the full garfield halloween is on youtube & we leave for New York fall & winter in two weeks.

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I saw a wall recently that had white butterfly trails in 3D, tagged with "urban outfitters" and i thouht it was an easy thing to recreate in color with waterpaints. Two down!

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Ryan came in from taking out the rubbishin & told me, "there is a dead gecko outside you'll probably want." And I did! He is an alligator gecko (minus one tail, probably lost in the great cat battle that took his life).

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Did I mention I pinked my hair? With the grey it came out more lavender.

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living out of boxes, my corner by the bed with arttrunk


(notice the newly hung array of roses from m'love)

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(misc items on the top of my artbox, the little reindeer is something we had on our tree every year since I was five and I brought it with me to california, it recalls to me my mother. His antlers are long gone of course, and he lost a leg while here, but Ryan fixed him <3)

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful... I was wondering, on the wall are they real or fake flowers???

  2. What are you using to preserve the gecko? And where do you get it from?