Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day date in Sayville to see the hobbit with friends ; amazing movie & I like watching things with Ryan that are centered around good morals and majestic beauty. Although I will say there was a time and place when Bilbo went on a speech full of innocence and pure heart-edness and Gandalf definitely Moaned. All I'm saying.

My favorite store on the strip might be buried treasure ; it is a really upscale antique/findings store and the staff was so friendly & the atmoshere was this posh victorian artist aristocrat and I loved looking at the beauty of the display work itself, everything was so artistically designed together.

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These are called rock soap - I have never seen this product anywhere outside of Sayville? They are roughly six dollars, not bad for any chunk of soap that size, and so gorgeous they can be used as display pieces!

unsorted unsorted unsorted The silver broom, both because of the name and the location in the back of an almost-alleyway, reminds me so much of harry potter! It is a learning center, actually, with classes and a pagan library, as well as a gift shop. They are very kind, and allow you to come in and look at the classrooms, their altar, library & happily answer any questions.

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(Ryan and I actually got these matching hematite)


They also had a basket of polished stones and small quartz points for .50 cents each! Can anyone identify my polished rock? it was a peachy cream color & wasnt quartz because it was very milky and opal-ish throughout).

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(I dyed over the green with black and now have a kind of greenblack :p)

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  1. The rock soap looks so cool - if I bought it, not sure if I would use something that pretty. I saw the hobbit last night and loved it! Except I want the next two installments right NOW (so impatient hahah)

  2. wow, i didn't realise they had places like the silver broom. that would be wonderful to go to. sometimes i feel like i'm all alone in my own pagan world over here

    also hobbit for me next week!

  3. hi jessica, it's amanda (lauren's friend). i love getting lost in the mystic realm of your blog. i'm happy to come here and read that life is coming together for you in new york. if ever i get the chance to visit, i want to see you. i was wondering if that gemstone was maybe fluorite or a moonstone? if it had some purple in it it's probably fluorite. i can't completely tell the color from the picture but would love to help you figure out what magic it holds.