Saturday, March 9, 2013

other things

Ah, first thing first - something of a fail. I had the mind to do entomology illustrations on satin panels, sew them into thigh highs, and produce an entire set of insect-themed boudoir legwear - brilliant really. The problem I faced was that to get the panels tight I had to sew them on while wearing, which I thought would solve the problem, but alas, when you remove the tights and then put them back on the positioning changes and it is hard to make the panels not bunch. Still a lovely idea for one-shots in photoshoots, the possibilites would be fun, to illustrate panels and wear them for paricular photos with themes!

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Another look at progress for a small zine I am working on, full of illustrations, my writings on the south, and my photography. Experimenting with wax paper & typewriters, etc. I am in no real rush because I want it to be a really excellent finished product.

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Small things, my new favorite snack (cucumber sandwiches and white peach tea). Sewing box. A few preserved flowers.

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A jacket I worked on - mostly to prove to myself I could do a fitted/sized garment with structure if I really wanted to - it's still somewhat incomplete, it is one of those pieces that is already four layers of fabrics mashed together and I could probably add another four until I am happy, but I haven't had the time/money to go buy gags of new fabric so this piece is a bit of limbo - I meant it to be a punk themed jacket, but all I see when I look at it is jack skeleton - do to the cut of the neck, I suspect!! The fabric shot was what the jacket was based in, black velvet that i bleached (I really love bleaching fabric), it turned a really nice gold (but got tangled in so many other layers it's barely there, anymore.) Also made a teddybear purse and you know, you have to remember that surge of them in the 90s alt to really understand why I loved this so much - gave it a wee zipper and punky plaid inside lining <3

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Before Ryan and I ever met, back when we were just sending one another little messages on facebook and daydreaming of the other, he bought me a book about fashion design. I read various parts when I need inspiration. There was a great deal about irish crochet - I havent completed an attempt just yet, i think to really do that I would need to cobble one large piece out of individual parts and sew them all together, the real trademark of the craft, I think (if you find time just google image irish crochet lace, it's quite amazing). But it did inspire me to try lace crochetting, which meant learning a few new stitches that promted me to make some peter pan collars (this is really cheap practice yarn, I suspect one day soon youll see me post another version out of bamboo yarn, or 100% cotton - I like really matte, heavy yarns). Anyway, I also tried the same stitches at lace weight and came up with a really pretty collar, it makes me think of something you would see in a museum, next to a locket of someone's hair. Quite proud of these on all accounts. I have a real problem learning, it's why everything I do is almost entirely done my own way after watching someone - following directions is really difficult for me, harder than freeforming something - it's why I can't really use patterns in sewing and why I was so slow learning new crochet stitches - but these few used here were the first i've learned by reading, and came out just how they were supposed to :)

The real promise of learning lace-like stitches makes me want to do more, and buy starch so i can make black gothic chokers or wallart that is stiff. Sigh. So much to do in life, so little time.

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A few butt-pillows I made for Ryan when he plays videogames <3 and a really lovely fern arrangement we found in a funeral home dumpster - it is kind of bigger than I am and Ryan laughed when I came carrying it back to the car but it isn't trash, and it is nice to have green indoors. Ryan and I both dream of a small forest of plants indoors. My auntie sent me a box of silks she bought in china three decades ago and has been keeping - ive never had so much raw silk fabric, there has to be 30 yards of it here. I think I will get alot of elastic tomorrow and start making mini skirts that are aline and flirty and silky for summer! Two new games <3 Ryan picked the SW flying game, I got the LOTR rpg. Oh god, we are dreamy.

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instagram instagram instagram instagram instagram unsorted I hope all of you are perfect and beautiful and that the beginning of spring is treating you kindly <3 New York is still getting snow! Give me the lush forests now, east coast! Have some music and pretty pictures from my tumblr for inspiration! If I can suggest two things to you it is this: begin reading anything by Cormac McCarthy, even if it is just quotes, southern gothic ftw! Also go save some flowers from a dumpster <3

He walked out in the gray light and stood and he saw for a brief moment the absolute truth of the world. The cold relentless circling of the intestate earth. Darkness implacable. The blind dogs of the sun in their running. The crushing black vacuum of the universe. And somewhere two hunted animals trembling like ground-foxes in their cover. Borrowed time and borrowed world and borrowed eyes with which to sorrow it. - Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Each leaf that brushed his face deepened his sadness and dread. Each leaf he passed he’d never pass again. They rode over his face like veils, already some yellow, their veins like slender bones where the sun shone through them. He had resolved himself to ride on for he could not turn back and the world that day was as lovely as any day that ever was and he was riding to his death. — Cormac McCarthy

I won’t blame you, instead I will remember the kisses, our lips raw with love, and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me. - Charles Bukowski

— I could just remember how my father used to say that the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time. And when I would have to look at them day after day, each with his and her secret and selfish thought, and blood strange to each other blood and strange to mine, and think that this seemed to be the only way I could get ready to stay dead, I would hate my father for having ever planted me. — As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner —

But we are alone, darling child, terribly, isolated each from the other; so fierce is the world’s ridicule we cannot speak or show our tenderness; for us, death is stronger than life, it pulls like a wind through the dark, all our cries burlesqued in joyless laughter; and with the garbage of loneliness stuffed down us until our guts burst bleeding green, we go screaming round the world, dying in our rented rooms, nightmare hotels, eternal homes of the transient heart. — Truman Capote


  1. I think your entymology tights are a fantastic idea despite their difficulties. I also love the jacket and your teddy bear purse (basically I love everything you make hahahah). My friend still has one that she carries everywhere, except hers is a turtle backpack.