Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Oh! I don't normally post links to wishlists but there is a wee story for you all! My auntie was kind enough, upon hearing my desire to begin canvas painting this summer, to purchase an easil and several kinds of gouache and watercolor tube sets for me! I was.. beyond excited to say the least! Unfortunately to use what she bought me, to the intended ends, I still need a few things (mostly just canvas and canvas boards and also a pack of drawing inks for my sketching! I have added these few things to an amazon wish list, and if anyone wants to be charitable towards my art (I need to find a patron and take this back a hundred years :P) please feel free - and feel free to tell me who you are, I would love to know.

here is the wishlist link.

:X back to reality...

I am so excited to begin my gouache work with you all, irregardless. I have loved it's matte, velvet look for such a long time@

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