Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I dont often do reposts here, but I am taken with the photobook by Iain McKell (The New Gypsies). There is an article here!

I dont know that a nomad/gypsy life would suit me forever, but I would love to just take a year and travel in a caravan.


  1. wow. the women are so beautiful and dignified. perhaps because they're truly living that life rather than all the girls i see walking down the street with H&M bags in their hands, living in the suburbs while trying to look like "gypsies". sincerity is the the most attractive feature.

    love that little yurt.

  2. Being a nomad would be a wonderful experience, like a roadtrip, but with infinitely more possibilities. These pictures are so beautiful, I am hoping to purchase his book soon. I have a lot of trouble taking photographs of strangers, it never seems natural enough.