Sunday, December 29, 2013

So here is a new dress, the entire set is for sale directly for 200 USD shipped ; it included the entire main dress, the handknit velvet scarf/shrug, and the velvet legging. The entirety of the dress was handsewn with a mixture of recycled silks, satins, velvets, upholstries and decorative fabrics. The skirt: the underlayer is a gathered petticoat style of satin and floral fabric trimmed in lace for total covered all the way around ; the top layer is scraps of satins and expensive, heavy net tulle. The bust of this dress is made of a stretch blend with patchworks of reclaimed materials, gold gypsy coins, pearl and gold beading. The dress has an open back corset that is fully adjustable to your bodice size - you can put a heavy ribbon in forback covered or use a thinner traditional corset rope for a dress that displays the back (in these photos I am using a heavy ribbon of frayed chiffon, which the dress comes with) - but this piece also had a black zipper along the size to avoid having to corset and uncorset every time. (I rec opening the corsets completely, putting the dress on, having someone else or managing yourself to tighten the corset to your bodice, tie off, then use the zipper to get in an out once it's adjusted to your size).

there is a hand embroidered swan, a bleach and dye treated pocket with a small handsewn bunny that can be kept or removed, sheer sequin falls. The scarf/wrap is darkblue velvet with a handtrim crochet all the way around in petal formation. The scarf also has bead and scarp fall tassals.

If interested you can email me directly at

Otherwise christmas was just wonderful ; we had snow on christmas eve, and ryans sister bought us a custom ornament. we woke up christmas morning and ordered chinese food and exchanged gifts (we got one another alot of mirror things, a perfume in trade for a cologne, a game in trade for a game, clothes in trade for clothes, etc. It was all wonderful. We also got ourselves some silver satin sheets which are wonderful but he wont use the pillowcase because his head slips off of it in the night :P


  1. I so adore your pictures and your creations! I love the way you document your life.
    I'm glad you had a lovely christmas. Traveling around the holidays is always hard but once the person is back, yay! Everything seems better in some ways.

    Each time you create a new dress I secretly dream of ordering it even though there is no way it would fit and look good on me in any way. In the mean time I just send happiness and well wishes to those who have the honor of buying such beautiful creations! <3

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