Friday, January 3, 2014

Flash blizzard AKA how i spent my snow vacation AKA eating, playing in snow, smoking, watching beavis and butthead, playing videogames and drinking coffee, participating in various kinds of artwork, glittering my nails, koolaiding my hair blue and panda-ing my phone. Ryan was stoned in fur coats recording music most of the time.

I mean, I did the normal things like grew as a spiritual human being and embroidered swans and read books and drank coffee while i watched birds play in the snow from our lush glass doors but I sold almost everything i made this month and had four days off work, so this time is for me before I go back to work and start a new cycle of creations and I chose to spend that time MOSTLY eating homemade salsa & setting my ringtone to the sailormoon theme.

probably a month long project but I decided to do a victorian doll trunk. Ive got the rough sanded draft of my dollhead, the shell of the trunk & the measured shelf boards - the trunk will look totally different with the outside white and the inside stained with dark wood stain and the backs of the inside upholstered in floral fabric - the shelves will also be primed, sanded more, and upholstered with the same fabric. If I really feel daring I might paint a dollhouse front on the front of the trunk. I usually clay dolls but i might do clay hands, feet and head and do a fabric body like more traditional porcelain dolls of the era. He is a plague mask doll :)

I dont generally do stuff i bought posts anymore but this is just a pile of shit i really like from the last month. The seasalt givs me dave pirner hair, the lipbalm is a really natural stain in red dahlia, I got a ton of BBW stuff for christmas and the twilight woods is my favorite - uh, the wipes are the first facial wipes ive ever used that didnt break me out or dry me out & this soap smells so good and made me long for the warm beach this summer!

Finally have atleast one of all my favorite titles (top three).

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