Saturday, January 18, 2014

great expectations

Dear diary: It's been a long december and a longer january. Work is good - it's freeing to be able to afford what you need to afford. My knitting is proving a good "second job". I enrolled successfully in fall dance classes (and I am almost entirely sure I am going to be able to talk ryan into joining ballet with me). People are generally kind and good as I meet them, lately, I am still on the voyage of finding a best friend, and otherwise, well, I dont know. I wish there was not a boutique next to my work because I waste alot of money on clothes, and i cant wait for summer and riding aimlessly with the windows down. I got a nice bouquet of roses and mini carnations, and ryan, following a note id left him for chores while i was gone, found the prettiest polkadot nails. I mean, I dont know that youve ever trusted a man to buy fake nails to your taste, but its a special bond (I filed them very short, of course, but I love the design!) We had a funeral for a small mole that the stray cat left at our doorstep. There is too much to do in one lifetime, I barely get to 10% of my intended daily list.


  1. People are good to me too, I'm not as good to them. Dance like nobody's watching.


  2. Oh! Did you ever go to ballet classes before? Are you finding it difficult now, or are you doing okay? A video of you dancing ballet -with one of your own dresses on- would be absolutely dreamy. :)

  3. I think that mole would've appreciated that. I'd like to think that somehow he is aware of the kindness scary, large humans did for him. Photos dreamy as ever.


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