Saturday, May 31, 2014

The last month, including: summer fairs where a carnie called ryan and I romeo and juliet, so ryan won a penguin playing darts and the sun set low and hot and it was something out of candy or from fair verona. Rescued and released a baby turtle. Saw days of future past too many times. Cleaned our back yard and set up an iron fire pit (which is quite handy for steaming dyes into my fabric when im working with poisonous plants). Learned to weave. Am working on a severely decadent lace and velvet dress that is dripping a million handsewn beads. Bound new diaries for ryan to write his poetry in. Lilac season came and went. Spring thunderstorms. Petticoats, commission sweaters. japanese night lights that cast stars and moons. Wysteria!!! Organized my sewing trunk. Beach afternoons. Spoiling our goldfish with live plants and a waterfall filter. Ophelia veils. Dogwood bouquets and geisha cups.

If I can suggest anything it is to watch NANA or SAILOR MOON, which are now free to stream on hulu and I couldnt be any happier, not ever.

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  1. Gorgeous as ever. What do you do when you're as happy as you can be?

    / Avy

  2. I always look forward to your updates, I love how you see the world and your writing.